Monday, 31 March 2008


What makes you think I'm not?

this DEMO is finished

1. This is nothing
2. chn
3. Wait for me
4. ilikethesoundofthemwithoutme.
5. the curse
6. Fatma
7. Why weren’t the message sent.
8. I’m a magician
9. Broken Shields
10. Se-a
11. Comfort Zone
12. the suffering
13. the takeover
14. Geber!
15. system
16. Guilty pleasures
17. the unknown
18. lights out


i have a habbit of making music that no - one gets to hear, maybe you’ll get to hear this.

Ask me for it.


Come_to_mother said...

Hey DiD
I saw you at Bardens last year, really loved your stuff!
When/where can a gal get your tunes from?

Je Suis Barry said...

Hi Dave,

I really like the songs on your myspace. Is there any way of getting to hear more of them / getting a cd(-r)?

Thanks, Barry

Tom said...

How the hell can I buy your stuff? This is driving me crazy!